Because my doctor said “no”…

This past week has been a bit busy… trying to earn my keep and all, y’know… But on top of that, it’s been full of preparations for deer hunting on Halloween weekend.

Oh, yeah – that would be this weekend, wouldn’t it?

I’ve known all along I was pushing it – going hunting just two months after a broken arm that required surgery to repair. But, chugged along with the “getting ready” just in case all was OK.

Well, my last visit to the doc says all is not OK.

Seems there are still a few spots where the fracture hasn’t quite healed up.


No deer hunting for me this season.

Oh, and I get the joy of going through Modern-Day-Medieval-Torture… I mean, physical therapy.

Hey, maybe I can actually get my penmanship back!

Ooo – better go buy some Halloween candy!