mm.. Onions!

So, there I was last night, making a special dinner, and a stroke of culinary genius inspiration hits, causing me to tweak an old “special day” standby into something just a bit different.

In my wisdom, as a confirmed blogger, and cookbooky kinda person, I decide to take pics along the way. Cool!

Only, for some silly reason, Yours Truly had a series of ah, shall we say, “issues” which resulted in all of one decent pic of said dish.

So much for that cool idea.

But dang, don’t those onions look yummy? All caramelized and delish?

mmmm... caramelized onions....
mmmm... caramelized onions....

The next steps involved smothering those little pearl onion flavor power balls with an uber-creamy, spiced bechamel sauce and topping with bread crumbs – yep, I did the little suckers au gratin.

Oh yeah, they were a hit. And there are no left overs.