Pigeons Equal Pigeon Poo

I recently had the creepy experience of having a pigeon take a tumble down my chimney…


Pigeons, pigeons everywhere!

photo courtesy: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1071991

Until I figured out what it was – it was rather scary… since what I was hearing was sratching, and thumping noises coming from one wall of my bedroom. It took me a bit to figure out the distressing sounds were coming from the chimney. Longer still to pluck up the courage needed to investigate – having already dealt with a pile of crickets in the flue, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to find out what was making this much noisier racket.

Pigeons and doves are something of a nuisance around here. In fact, pigeons are considered serious pests. And considering my opinion of them as disease ridden filth mongers, I’m OK with that outlook.

Not wanting to become like this guy (shudder!) I did my best to free the clumsy Columbidae, however, to no avail. What I found was a dead bird. At least I found it before it began to smell… or before I opened the flue to have a fire. Ew.

Now, before anyone thinks, “Awww, it’s just a pigeon! What’s the harm?” Let me ask: have you ever seen what dozens, yes, dozens of those flying rats can do? It’s not pretty.

Pigeon poo is nasty stuff… and should you have to have any workmen on your roof for whatever reasons, they get very nasty about dealing with excess pigeon poo. Nasty to the point of charging extra if it’s really bad.

These birdies carry all sorts of ickiness with them (nothing against those who keep domestic pigeons for whatever reason – flying, racing, etc but the “wild” population are nasty, dirty birds!)

Yeah, I’m aware I’m gonna get hate mail from bird lovers, the Humane Society, etc. Fine.

The bottom line is this: I have asthma, and there is a genuine risk of airborne problems thanks to excessive pigeon poo. I have a roof that is reasonably new, but slowly being damaged by excessive pigeon poo. And quite frankly, I’m sick to death of not being able to enjoy the gorgeous shade provided by a particularly lovely and large tree in my yard because, you guessed it, there is an excessive amount of pigeon poo already under it, and “enjoying” the shade also means becoming a target for fresh pigeon poo.

Not happening.

I am officially declaring war on the birdy brethren that flock to my rooftop and trees for no good reason (it’s not like I feed the nasty things!)