The strange comments I get…

First off – I am not going to make fun of this comment… Really. I’m not.

I’m used to getting a variety of interesting spam comments thanks to my odd posts. I just tend to delete them.

Sometimes, they’re either funny, or for some other reason, worthy of comment back.

I really wish ole Sean had stuck his comment on the actual post, Ergonomic Schmergonic, rather than my contact page, but…

My curiosity got to me, I admit… and I clicked just to see.

The first thing I saw:

Cool - a bubble chair!

OK – I’ll admit – I had two almost immediate thoughts.

One was well… let’s just say “adult rated” and the other was a flashback to high school and how, in a deliberate attempt to piss off a particular teacher, a good friend and I designed an entire house where all furnishings were suspended, hung on tracks so you could move them easily. It was a complex system, and though it would have been outrageously expensive to do, it was, in fact, possible.

The teacher was not amused, but we still got a good grade on the project.

Then there was the one that made me think of the movie, Men in Black

C'mon, it's the Men in Black chair and you know it!

This one just had me wondering how in the hell you were supposed to sit in it, is it even comfortable, and well… yeah… left me with more “adult” images in my mind. (yeah, yeah, so my mind is perpetually in the gutter… quelle surprise!)

Anyone else having interesting thoughts here?

Finally, feedback on that Hanging Egg Chair (since I am a “home decor-modern design connoisseur” and all!! Don’t believe me? Go read the comment on my Contact page… LOL)

My grandparents had one of these things hanging on their patio. And I know darn good and well it got used for a variety of purposes from entertaining small children by spinning them in it, to ah… well, yeah, you guessed it.

‘Nuff said.

Somehow - it just looks better hanging from the ceiling without the stand

So there ya go Sean… Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the web, and thanks even more for giving me a good laugh… I think that alone is worth the linky love.