Update – the hiatus continueth…sorta

Ahem, ahem, ahem!

A bit over a month ago, I posted that I was taking a brief hiatus, thanks in no small part to the insantity that my life had become. Though the majority of the insanity has passed, I’m still waiting for the dust to completely settle and there are still a few minor roadblocks to overcome.

And since a few of you have emailed me asking, WTF? Let me ‘splain. No, that would take too long. Let me sum up:

  • The Job – though at times a wonderous thing, turned into the Job From Hell where the list of grievances, if turned into a movie script, would strain the bounds of willing suspension of disbelief – and yet, it was true. I know. I lived it.
  • The Summertime Kid Visit – thank you, that went very well, the munchkins are wonderful and the visit was terrific. Pics later (and the reason for that will be clear later as well).
  • The Move – Due in part to the Job From Hell, and in part because I hated Phoenix with a blind, screaming passion, and in part because of better opportunties on the east coast, and in part because of personal reasons… anyway… I left Phoenix behind and moved to just outside of Baltimore… Yes, as in Maryland.
  • The Crash – No, not a car crash silly! My laptop decided to play dead. It’s currently in the capable (I hope!) hands of the manufacturer, since, wonder of wonders, it was still under warranty. Meanwhile, access to the Internet is limited at best.
  • The Other Stuff – Including, but not limited to: dealing with the Maryland MVA, which is a PITA of the greatest scale, for both license and registration – a story fit for one of my (in)famous rants! Dealing with the various and sundry companies with whom I do business and updating my contact information, oh yeah, and still trying to get my married name removed from my car loan (three years later), learning my way about a new town, dealing with not knowing instinctively which way is which, since in my little west coast mind, “west” means “toward the ocean” (laugh all you want), dealing with my vehicle transportation from Phoenix to Baltimore (another rant), waiting for all the rest of my stuff to arrive (sometime after the 15th), and the list goes on… and the list goes on…

So, dear and faithful readers… The hiatus continueth, but… I have been giving great thought to where this blog is going, direction, style, content, everything… and it’s gonna be a long and perhaps bumpy road to get there… At this point, I’m simply waiting for my laptop to come home from the doctor, and then I’ll be back in business…