The bitch is back!

Lo many moons ago, when life took me out of sunny San Diego and off to sunnier, and oh-so-much hotter and drier Arizona, my blog suffered…

It suffered for a variety of reasons, among them, lack of time, lack of support from those around me, a complete and total lifestyle change and a bout of something bordering on depression.

Then life got even crazier, and busier and my blog fell into greater disrepair, but I kicked the border-line depression in the proverbial gonads, and got control of life, vowing to make a blogging comeback. That’s right, I would come back bigger, better and more attitudinally inspired than ever before!

Somehow, that never materialized.

What happened, you ask?

Lotsa things.

Among them, I moved, again. This time across the country to Maryland. Yes, I announced that in this very blog. Which led to another discovery, that of an unpleasant and stalkerific variety.

Not wanting to give up blogging, I took up a new bloggy home, going so far as to connect friends to it, but it never felt right. Though I had no problem making the change and knew it was done for good cause, I simply never felt the totally anonymous vibe was quite, well… “me.”

I also started tackling a few other writing assignments – among them some highly targeted blogs, working for the local paper, burying myself in working on a novel, plus some other fun ventures. In short, I am, as usual, spread thin.

I kept this blog alive on life support (to avoid the stalkerific type thinking I’d abandoned it, and because in my heart of hearts, I knew I couldn’t give it up).

I finally accepted a few things about life and myself. And I decided, fuck it. I will do what is necessary to deal with the psycho types but… I am not giving up The Gun Chick!

That’s right, the bitch is back!