Funny finds…

Contrary to popular belief, my butt does not have its own zip code. And yep, my daughter inherited Mom's caboose...

One of my most popular posts, “Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Fat?”, gets splogged – a lot. It also gets lifted for a variety of other uses, and oddly, the picture gets copied quite a bit.

Since I do, in fact, earn an income from my writing and photography, I get downright pissy when I find my content has been stolen. It makes me grouchy. And it starts a series of events from me, the series depends on the nature of the copying. If it’s obviously total spolgging or blog scraping my response is to turn into insta-bitch and it’s not pretty.

If it’s just a case of someone being less than aware of copyright issues (understandable – many people are!) I generally try to be nice and contact them directly with a short, succinct, “Hey, ask permission and credit me properly, huh?” Sometimes it’s a bit more blunt than others (sorry, it depends on my mood, and I’m more likely to be nice if I can find a nice, private, “contact me” link).

Usually, the result is a quick link, or removal of the content.

Every now and then, something kinda cool happens. That was the case this last time…

Linked to my butt pic was a blog post over at Liquid Betsy and, being tired and it being late at night, I didn’t see an easy contact me thingy so I posted a comment.

Shocker of all shockers! The lovely lady contacted me immediately, and credited the pic post haste. I have to give her kudos – she’s a class act.

So, a shout of hello to Liquid Betsy!