Will someone please tell Mel to shut up already?

Perhaps Mel Gibson needs rehab for his mouth and mind…

If you haven’t seen the latest flap in the “Gibson’s a sick, angry, racist asswipe” drama, please google him. It’s entertaining – sort of.

While I agree that, if he did indeed say the kinds of things he supposedly said, it reflects an incredibly vile mindset and I think “rehab” ought to include impact therapy at the hands of sexual assault victims, I also have to agree with WOW Spokeswoman Abbie Vianes.

Her response?

Essentially, there are bigger fish to fry. If you don’t like him, don’t support him. But globally, he’s small potatoes.

There is one problem with that, however. Asswipe or not, he has fans who will listen to whatever lame ass excuse he offers. And they will assimilate that twisted bit of logic into their own thinking.

Oh shit. Bleak picture. Legions of misogynistic Mel maniacs who think it’s OK to act that way if…(Insert lame ass excuse)

The flip side of that coin? His stupidity could be a great tool to raise awareness of attitudes that still persist, despite the many years of “progress” behind us.

My bottom line?

Dude, you can pull the drunk and stupid thing once. But when this shit keeps on happening, I have to conclude that you are, in fact, a racist, misogynist asswipe and that I should probably never again spend money on anything you do.