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That really is a glass bottle you see there…

It does a body good...

I debated making this a guessing game, but then I decided that really wasn’t going to be that much fun… Heck, I’m too young to really remember milk in glass bottles. There were still a few places around when I was a kid, but not that many.

In my ongoing (and mostly fruitless) search for a farmer’s market around here, I happened upon a treasure. A small, local, family-run farm that sells farm-fresh, free-range eggs, poultry and other goodies, as well as carrying milk, cream, cheese and butter from a dairy not too far away. It’s all fresh, it’s all natural, local, and has no hormones, antibiotics, or anything else added. Even better, the prices aren’t that much more than you’d pay for the mass-produced stuff in the grocery store.

All of that’s well and good, but the big deciding factor for me: FLAVOR! It’s quick pasteurized and all that legal mumbo-jumbo (crap), but still needs a good shaking. And the cream? Holy cow! It’s actually (gasp!) cream colored!

More on these guys later… if the weather is fine this weekend, I’ll be snapping a few pics around the farm and store.