Have you seen my butt?

Apparently, my butt is hanging around some pretty shady places…

Amid all the posts I’ve done that have been picked up by other blogs, borrowed and outright stolen, my “Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Fat” post has been the most pilfered.

Sometimes, I’m nice about it – I don’t mind sharing if I’m asked nicely and we do all the mutual-linky-love stuff. But I’m not too nice when someone just picks up my stuff and runs with it without crediting Yours Truly.

For the first year after writing the post, if you googled certain terms involving butts and jeans, my little post was in the top 20. These days, my butt’s still there, but it’s no longer my post. What’s up with that? Huh?

I feel like I need to put out a public service announcement: Have you seen this butt? If so, please notify its owner that it’s hanging around places it oughtn’t be hanging around. Thank you!

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Have you seen...