Happy New Year to me…

I rang in the New Year with four teenage children in residence…

As if that weren’t fun enough, I also came down with the sinus infection from Hell – which of course didn’t manifest in its full glory until the long, holiday weekend had gotten underway, leaving me waiting till the first weekday to actually get to the doc’s for antibiotics.

After packing my own children back onto a plane, thus reducing the teenage component of the home to two, we started having hot water issues.

So there I sat, curled up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and feeling pretty miserable when the other half says, “Do you smell something burning?”

Much fun ensued before we figured out there was an electrical fire in the  wiring of our water heater.

In the end, nothing was damaged, we have a new water heater, and I’m now on drugs to kick this bug in the proverbial butt.

Happy New Year!