Confessions of a Born-Again Fashionista

So, I totally understand that life changes means changing  your style – but holy crap! Would someone please tell me why, in today’s world, would a beautiful, shapely woman in her mid-forties dress herself like a dowdy grandma?

After two days of being snowed in, I turned on the TV for some background noise while I folded laundry… and on went one of my guilty pleasures – TLC’s What Not To Wear.

Why do I like that show? Anyone who’s known me for a while can put two and two together. I was a confirmed fashionista prior to marriage, then turned into one of the denim-jumper-wearing brigade. Long story, not worth going into. Suffice to say it included unhappiness and weight gain. But, after divorce, I gave the jumpers up and returned to my former fashion-conscious ways.

Back to the show… I completely understand the mental place people can get into. I completely understand getting stuck in a rut. I get all of that…

But the episode that was on this evening I just didn’t get.

Here was a lovely woman who was convinced that she needed to “dress her age” – which apparently meant wearing sneakers or mandalls, baggy, twill capri pants and oversize tee-shirts. Her version of “dressing up” looked like an outfit that Bea Arthhur would have worn on the Golden Girls. My grandmother dressed hotter than that, at age 70!

This is the same mentallity that led the first hairdresser I saw in Maryland to coif me in the ubiquitous “Soccer Mom” ‘do.

Which is one of many reasons why she is my former hairdresser.

Thankfully, the folks at What Not To Wear agree that 40 does not equal dowdy.

I’m coming up on 42 this summer. And while I’ve made some changes to my style because of body type, age, job, etc, the bottom line is – I like looking good. I like feeling good. And I love wearing pretty clothes and great shoes.

And I’ll go rounds with anyone who tells me that “dressing my age” means giving up feeling “hot” or “sexy”!