The journey from Crack to i…

Dear CrackBerry,

You were awesome, you were my very first smartphone and I loved you. When you worked. But, well, you just can’t give me what I need, I’m sorry. So, I’ve found another smartphone. Goodbye.



~ Sent from my iPhone

Yep, I’ve joined the ranks of iPhone users. The time came for my contract to end, and I looked at my options: continue with a CrackBerry or switch to Droid or iPhone.

There were certain features I knew I wanted in my phone, like some serious screen real estate, that nothing in the BlackBerry line managed to match (without totally sucking, that is).

And since I’ve heard nothing but grumbles in my life from a certain mobile-application developer all about how the Droid is essentially a nice product that isn’t quite polished yet, and another friend (who had been a long-standing BB user until Verizon came out with the iPhone) when asked “iPhone or Droid?” responded without hesitation, “Oh, iPhone!” … ‘nuff said.

Thus came the joy of transferring all of my info from one phone platform to another… Not too difficult, actually. In truth, it went very well.

That is, until… I tried to get pictures and ring tones off of the CrackBerry and onto the iPhone. The CrackBerry had died – the battery wouldn’t take or hold a charge – so plugging it in was no good. So there I sat getting frustrated when that certain developer person says… wait for it…

“Doesn’t that thing have a memory card?”

Insert forehead smack here.

Yeah, OK, so umm… why yes, as a matter of fact it does, and why yes, as a matter of fact we do own a mini-SD card reader. Can we all say, “duh?”

Smartphone, not so smart-at-that-moment user.