Random Musings…

So, at home on a Tuesday evening with not a whole lot to do for once in my life… and I decide it’s time to catch up on blog upkeep. Kinda like the laundry that I really should be doing (I never said I had “nothing” to do!)

And of course, my brain starts going in about 90 different directions all at once. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

  • To the dude in line for food at the Renaissance Festival this last Saturday: Wow, thanks so much for teaching your young son how to be a selfish asshat just like Dad. Because butting into the front of the line, then demanding that “he’s been here the whole time, you just didn’t see him” and otherwise using your kid to shame everyone around you into ignoring the fact that you just butted into the line is so classy and such an example of good parenting. We all know the kid was not there, and that you are an asshat and we’re all torn between feeling sorry for the kid because he has such a charming parental expample and the mad desire to really cause a scene in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, it might impact him enough that he doesn’t grow into an asshat himself.
  • There are times when I miss having a totally anonymous blog. Y’know, the kind where only a few people know who you really are, and they put up with your rants (including posts heavily peppered with f-bombs).
  • Someone slaughtered Elmo in my house. I’m sorry to break the news, but considering the amount of red fluf all over my laundy (I did say I was doing laundry, right?) there is no way that annoying little shit is still alive. I can’t figure out whether to blame the new red towels, or the red blanket, or whether maybe someone really did slaughter Elmo in my house.
    • That’s a picnic blanket, covered in red fluffy stuff…


  • In reviewing my links, I realized several things… It’s been a long time since I have had the time to do all the reading I used to do; it’s been an even longer time since I updated my links ‘cuz some of these things is broken! And that led me to another realization…
  • WTF is up with turning your previously incredibly public blog “private”? I ran into this several times, blogs I had once linked to and enjoyed reading are now marked as “private” and require approval to even read. Maybe the blogger was feeling pressure and wanted to be able to express but also feel safe, sort of that anonymous thing, only in reverse? Maybe they changed the theme and tone of their blog to a more private type thing and no longer wanted it to be public? Whatever, there is a part of me that wants to say: So, ummm… why not just archive the old blog and start a new one, huh?

And I think I’ll stop there. Because I have laundry to do.