MD Home & Garden Expo – where was my brain?

Somehow or another, I decided it would be a genious idea to participate in the cooking contest at the Maryland Home & Garden Expo.

The theme is a holiday dinner and you’ve got 30 minutes, a stove top and a microwave (WTF? A microwave???). You have to provide everything else. And you can’t bring in raw poultry (But you can pre-cook stuff and do all the cutting, slicing, chopping, etc before hand).

So… it’s at 2:30 on Sunday at the Fairgrounds…

It’s publishing weekend, so I’ve got a boatload of stories to finalize for layout on Monday.

And we have kids and the MIL this weekend.

My brain was where when I said I’d do this?

Meanwhile, I’ve got a rocking menu figured out, if I plan it right, I can do this in under 30 minutes on a stove top, no probelmo.

Wish me luck and sanity!