OMG, Copyscape epic fail!

I wasn’t too long into the blogging world before I discovered the joys of being splogged – having my content picked up by a spam blog for some mysterious, dark-arts SEO methodology. Nor was I too deep in the days of making my living doing this writing thing before I discovered the pain in the ass of contacting people with a DMCA takedown or cease and desist notice.

‘Cause it is so much more fun and profitable to be spending valuable time sending electronic notices to a bunch of plagaristic weenieheads (so totally declaring both of those are, in fact, words) than actually doing something productive, like writing. I learned early on to regularly check for duplicate copy.

Of course, the easy, go-to tool of choice was Copyscape (and these days, there are more of these “services” than you can count – each one offering both free and paid services…) Despite their shortcomings, and the fact that my blogging has pretty much slowed to glacial speed of late, I still check these things every now and then…

And – gasp! – this last go ‘round, I got a notice of duplicate content! The horror! The shock! The indignat…

Hey, wait a minute… The “duplicate” content found was (are you ready?)

“Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.”

No, I am not joking.

Epic fail.