A foodie’s loss…

Time sure does fly!

This June, my daughter, my mini-me, will be graduating high school… Which means I’m currently up to my eyeballs (and checking account limits) in all the fun of “senior” life. Prom, Senior Night, Cap and Gown, etc, etc, etc.

It also means I’m in the middle of making plans for the family to gather in San Diego for the weekend.

Hodad's the spread
Hodad's the spread (Photo credit: congvo)

I’ve dutifully introduced The Other Half to the joys of Hodad’s burgers and Por Favor margaritas (nothing on the East Coast compares – trust me!) and the incredible eclairs at D.Z. Akins.

I’ve got a list of fave restaurants that we regularly hit up whenever we’re in town. One I’ve always waxed foodie-poetic about was Chateau Orleans, a little restaurant tucked away from the beaten path outside of Pacific Beach that served the closest thing to real New Orleans yumminess I’ve ever experienced outside of the Big Easy.

I figured it might make a great spot for a post-graduation dinner.

And then I discovered, they’ve closed. Apparently, they closed about a year ago. Damn!

I haven’t gotten up the heart to start looking at my other favorites… I think I’ll fall apart if the Marine Room ever closes its doors.