A reflection on Mother’s Day

I’m usually one of those cook types who turns out a really good, really nice looking meal, and then remembers the camera after everyone has eaten.

Or I’m one of those photographers who takes pictures of the early process, but gets so caught up in the cooking (and socializing with friends) that I never get the final picture of the completed recipe.

Every now and then, my cook side and my shutterbug side actually coincide and I take pictures of the yumminess I create. I do tend to think my company is more important than immortalizing the food I create.

It’s a rare thing.

We had friends over for dinner and I actually remembered to take a picture (all hail the iPhone!) and posted it to Facebook. Then I remembered the breakfast picture from a couple of weeks before…

Then I started reflecting on how our table is rarely set for just two. Even without kids around, it’s not uncommon for us to be putting 4, 6 or 8 places out. On some weekend mornings, it may require buffet style because the number of hungry mouths outnumbers the number of places at the table.

I realized that our table is a gathering place for loved ones – friends and family alike. Love, laughter and lots of food are served at our home. And we both like it that way.

And then I realized something else – I’ve turned into my mother.

That woman could cook! And no matter how many mouths there were (often unexpected numbers of them as most of us brought our friends over) there always seemed to be more than enough food.

Her table was a gathering place – a place of friendship and love, laughter and good food… huh… sounds familiar. But I guess it runs in the family… Granny’s house was always the same, a crowded table, lots of food, and lots of friends and family.

My mother, and my grandmother are both gone – but I’ll wish them both a happy Mother’s Day anyway, because those two remarkable women taught me so much about what is really important in life… and what is not.

And to all my friends and family who are mommies – Happy Mother’s Day!