Because uber-thin waif-like women are sexy?

Someone please open up the Reality Check files and insert this shit.

For all the women who beat themselves up because they are not a size 0, and for all the men who look at women who think women should be super skinny, I offer the following doses of reality.

Though I’m not really an Anne Hathaway fan, I can’t deny the fact that she is already very slender. Apparently, not slender enough for Hollywood. In 2011, she said she was “living on kale and dust” to look good in her Catwoman costume. This year, in prep for a part in Les Mis, she is once again on a crash diet to lose about 20 pounds.

Somewhere in here I’m missing the logic.

Actors are professionals and they often change their appearance for a role. In fact, they are paid handsomely to do so.

How in the hell does that translate over to normal people? I’m sorry… wait, no I’m not! I have no desire to look like I’ve just spent months starving myself in order to look like a stick figure wrapped in skin-tight vinyl. And I sure as hell don’t think that attaining dying, tuberculous prostitute thinness is an ideal I want to emulate.

Want to know why more and more young American girls are dealing with severe eating disorders? Really? Duh. Connect the dots!

How about some realistic and healthy looking female role models? Hmmmmm?