Dust Bunny Alert!

The dust bunny highway

What’s on your floor?

At various points in my life, I’ve had everything from painted concrete floors, to hardwood to wall-to-wall carpet. I know which ones take wear and tear the best, and which ones show which kind of dirt.

But after years of living with carpeting, I’d forgotten the joys of hardwood floors… Those joys involve good – they look great, are easy to clean, wear amazingly well, are easy to decorate around (with or without area rugs) and did I mention they look great? The joys also involve the not-so-good – where in the hell did the giant-sized dust bunnies come from?!?!?

Let me be clear… dust bunnies are a fact of life. If you have anything but carpeted floors, you know exactly how much crap your carpet hides. I’m not kidding. Vacuum all you want, your carpet is holding out on you. Even if you have a Dyson. It’s just the way it is. Deal with it.

So, I have long hair – which means that somewhere there is a dust-bunny wrangler who grabs the bits of long hair and lassos the dust bunnies, which turns them into dust elephants.

We also have lots of people in our home. It’s just another fact of life. Which means there are lots of dust-making critters around. You do know what most household dust is, right?

Add to this the fact that there are natural fibers all over my house… hand-worked wood, antique tools, rope… and very little in the realm of upholstered furniture to suck up the dust (which is kind of a good thing).

And there is this monstrously long hallway with dark wood floors… it’s like a dust bunny hang out.

It’s possible to clean the entire place top to bottom, and when you get back from taking out the trash, you’ll find a giant dust bunny sitting in the hallway.

At least we don’t have pets! I know what kind of dust bunnies pets and hardwood floors breed!