A Womb with a View?

Apparently it’s a rant-themed week.

Ostrich Pillow

What the heck is up with the sudden influx of cocoon/womb-like devices? Everywhere I turn there are things designed to create an adult-sized, cushioned escape from the world.

Far be it from me to complain about the idea of having a little “me” time, but it seems a little… well, rude to do it while surrounded by others. So these things baffle me…

The Ostrich Pillow Bag – gah! Just.. OK, even on your lunch break this is a no! It is not cool to stuff your head into what looks like an inside out ski parka. No.

The Womb Chair – At least this isn’t touting use at the office? I’m just not sure what to make of this…

The Nest Bed – Because we all harbor secret fantasies about Big Bird? I dunno…

The Sleeping Bag Chair – This thing belongs up there with the Snuggie on things that just ought not be.

The Cocoon Chair – Please tell me this is a joke and it’s not real. Please.

The Hanging Nests – as a hanging couch, as a unique nature oriented hotel/camp, as a tent – because sitting in something that resembles the home of a feathered feast for predators is so relaxing.