Is it magic? Preparing to see Magic Mike

First things first – I have not yet seen Magic Mike, but it is on my list.

We’ve been really busy, and I expect the movie is more man-candy than compelling plot. And that’s OK by me. It just means it’s not high on my priority list of must-see movies. Mind you, I like the idea of seeing Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum in the all-together and if this starred Hugh Jackman I’d have been lining up on opening night.

Meanwhile, I’ve been following the movie’s reviews, and as expected, it’s a mixed lot.

There’s been everything from “OMG this is a must-see film!” to “The only reason to see this film is for the eye-candy” and “Well, it’s nice to look at but not very realistic” (since when is a film realistic?)

My expectation is that it’s closer to the second – totally worth watching for the man-candy, but otherwise forgettable.

But my favorite is the absolute douchebaggy approach from a editor in South Orange (wanna read it? Check it out). After spending time talking about the movie Showgirls – and about no matter how bad the plot and acting were, he still watched it numerous times and was totally OK with the idea of ponying up the dough to do so, he goes on to slam Magic Mike…

And why? It has a bad plot and bad acting of course.

Apparently, Mr. Kelley thinks it’s forgivable when a film full of naked women involves incredibly bad acting, worse choreography, line delivery that would make an elementary school drama coach cringe and let’s not forget, plot holes so big you could parade an entire troupe of Vegas showgirls through them.

But when the movie features naked men, it is – and I quote – “gross.” He even offers to help write the script next time.

I really don’t care how bad the movie is, it can’t be any worse than Showgirls (really… the only reason to watch that movie was for the flesh fiesta, though that was nice). And I really don’t care if someone doesn’t like flesh fiestas. Whatever. That’s what a review is about – opinion.

What pisses me off is that a man who has seen Showgirls “like, sixty times” even though he admits it’s a terrible movie, can sit there and say a movie that features men is “gross.”

Can you say, “double standard”? Can you say, “chauvinist”?

Apparently, Mr. Kelley thinks it’s OK for a movie to be nothing more than wank fodder for horny men, but it’s not acceptable for a movie to be nothing more than a vehicle to get women all hot and bothered.

And that is where I will shut up. It’s his review, and his opinion and he is entitled to it. Meanwhile, I’m going to have to find some time to actually go see Magic Mike… because I happen to enjoy looking at man-candy and I happen to be married to a guy who isn’t grossed out by the idea of me enjoying it.