Chik-fil-A, Part 2

Posted by Jeni Lynn on Gay Marriage USA’s Facebook page.

I let this stew for a while before deciding whether or not to post it. I had wonderful arguments with myself pro and con before finally deciding to tackle it tongue in cheek and poke fun at some stupidity. So here we are. Chik-fil-A, Part 2 – things people say (spelling and grammar intact).

“I agree with the Bible completely. But if you followed it completely we would still be sacrificing bulls and other animals at the altar. That is why Jesus came to save us. So we wouldn’t have to live by the old testament anymore.”
So um, wait… that means you selectively follow the bible?

“Sicko’s next they will be swallowing the weenie in public.”
Because yeah, kissing your honey in public leads to random acts of oral sex. WTF? Really?

“This just to crazy. i just don’t feel it’s cool to do it in public just to prove a point or in front of children….it called respect….u dont make out in front of your parents’s disrespectful….there”
Ummm, so… I’m confused. Is it the kissing in public that’s a problem? Or the fact that it was two guys? Or the fact that there were children present? Or? And wait, yes, I did kiss my boyfriends in front of my mother. How is that disrespectful?

“I don’t think thay would do this in front of God”
Would you kiss your significant other in front of god?

“Leviticus 18:22”
Here we go with that selective enforcement again. Sacrificed any animals for your sins lately?

“Keep that shit behind closed doors, I don’t judge but I don’t want to see that shit either”
Would you say the same thing about a really cute heterosexual couple sharing a polite kiss?

“The bible says not to judge, but this is different because you stand up for Gods word and this is wrong!”
What?! Have you really listened to yourself?

“This is sick…and right in front of Chick fli a…;(“
As if Chik-fil-A is some hallowed ground? Huh?

“Homosexuality will be this great nations destruction. No, country survives over a decade once homosexuality is fully accepted. Mark my words God will not be mocked by such displays. Accept Jesus Christ before its too late…”
Someone please ask this guy for his source material, then promptly call the guys with the huggy jacket, he’s gonna need it.

“Awesome. What should we celebrate next? Incest?”
Because kissing your significant other is a direct, one-way-trip to shagging your sister. Which means, either you fuck your siblings, or you’ve never kissed anyone.