Wait? It’s a cricket and swims? And it eats meat?

Because I need another reason to dislike crickets??!!?!?!

I have a somewhat unpleasant relationship with crickets. That was in Arizona. After moving to Maryland, I discovered yet another reason to dislike all-things-crickety. Around here there are these big, dark brown-black suckers that can jump several feet – straight up – and they’re scary looking.

Then I saw this charming little piece about some flesh-eating, cave-dwelling, swimming cricket. Against my better judgement, I read the article. C’mon, I had to find out if they were suddenly going to be imported into the US as a way to control some other, more unwanted aquacultural pest.

And then I made the bigger mistake of watching the BBC video of said ugly-ass-swimming-crickety-thing chomping down on some dude’s hand. What in the world was I thinking?!?!?! Ewww!

OK, please do me a favor. Heck, do us all a favor and let those suckers stay right where they are – deep in the darkness of a cave. I don’t even want to see one at a zoo.

Pardon me, but I now have a major case of the heebie-jeebies.