Shhh… the bogosphere is recovering from the Olympic Virus

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(Photo credit: The Next Web)

I’ve always enjoyed watching the Olympics – it’s always inspiring to watch excellence at work. This year, watching them was a little challenging.

You see, we gave up cable some time ago. It wasn’t a cost-saving measure, it was simply a matter of practicality. We just don’t watch that much television, and when we do watch, we’re usually on Netflix or something like that. So, imagine my shock when I discovered that for all the modern technology and live streaming stuff we have available in life, I couldn’t see the Olympics live unless I either a) had a cable provider or b) went to a sports bar and cajoled them into putting on the thing I wanted to see (ever tried watching women’s gymnastics in a sports bar?)

All of this meant that for the most part, I “viewed” the Olympics courtesy of social media – blog posts, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts and the like were what fed me up-to-the-minute info on who won what. Thankfully I have a very generous data plan, because I was killing my iPhone on a daily basis.

Has social media changed how we view world wide events? Of course it has. But as I’ve just discovered, it is no replacement for the real thing. Hearing about events via a Twitter feed, viewing photos after the fact and even watching the video later is sort of like eating diet food – it’s just not the same.

Does that mean I’m going to go resubscribe to cable? Hell no. I will, however, holler loud and clear that there needs to be some alternative method available for viewing. We ran into the same thing with the Super Bowl. Just because I neither need, nor want, cable TV pumped into my home 24/7 does not mean that I should not have options for pay-on-demand services, or something, to enable me to see major events.

Meanwhile, looking at my feeds, Twitter, Facebook and even WordPress have all quieted down, returning to their usual dull roar in the wake of Olympic Fever. During the two-week event, a virus swept the blogosphere, and now it’s time to recover.

Y’know, ya gotta love WordPress for their Writing Challenges!