Seating WTF?

I read – a lot. Sometimes it’s for pleasure, but more often than not, I’m reading for work. And sometimes, in my travels online, I run into things that just make me say, “what the…?!?!” And sometimes, those things are worth commenting on.

Enter the Dandelion Stool

I’m trying to figure out how this thing is comfortable. And I’m really trying to figure out the reasoning behind the marketing text.

Seriously, it says… “contains a flower head of pure relief…” and “…packed with softness and for freshness and hygiene its mushroomed bud has removable covers.”

I’m still trying to decide if I really want to know what this thing is all about, or if I’d rather remain blissfully ignorant. For all I know, it’s some modern take on the donut cushion.

There seems to be a trend in strange seating…

At least this thing is also a magazine holder (or so the ad copy says). The thing on the bottom – that’s not a stool, though personally, I think anyone should be forgiven for thinking it is, since it’s pictured the same size as the stool, with nothing in the image for comparison.

It’s a clever design meant to hold one of the company’s wood rings. OK. Fine. Back to the stool thing…

I’m sorry, I don’t want to sit on something that looks like it might pinch if I move the wrong way.

And one more thing… why are the suggested tags for this post all about Volkswagons?