It was a dark and stormy night… truth stranger than fiction

Cropped screenshot from the trailer for the fi...
Cropped screenshot from the trailer for the film Rear Window (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a semi-quiet weekend for us… We spent Saturday night just hanging out with two other couples. Two of the guys are cigar smokers, so we grabbed some blankets, a bottle of wine, some dark chocolate (and their cigars, of course) and headed to the roof to enjoy a pleasant summer evening.

That particular roof offers some nice, but not amazing views. There’s a slice of the park. A kind of pretty view of the tops of some downtown buildings and a few other niceties. It also happens to overlook the offices of a rather well-known museum.

And on Saturday night, in the corner office, someone was creeping around.

By “creeping around” I mean – someone was apparently in the office with a flashlight. It was very obviously not security on a sweep or patrol. The light stayed in the same area for some time, then would sweep around the room, focus on a desk, point back at the wall, then down to the floor. Occasionally, the light would change angle and come out of the corner window instead of the side window, as if whoever was holding it had suddenly turned around to look behind them.

We were all fascinated, watching the light bob around the office and speculating why someone would be in a museum office at 11pm, using a flashlight. Really, if some office flunky or executive was burning the midnight oil, they’d turn their light on, right?

And why the offices? It’s not like there are priceless treasures there. Unless you’re looking for personnel records, tax paperwork, or some evidence of shady goings on at the local art museum.

It was the docent, in the sculpture garden with the plaster replica of Tutankhamen!

Wait, that was my not-so-inner fiction writer coming out.

Then came the debate: do we call the police or not? And what do we tell them?

Then came the comparisons to “Rear Window.”

Then the realization that in a taller building one street over and one down, a man was sitting in his window, clearly watching the goings on in the city below. Was he watching us?

Then came the rain… and we went back inside…

And yes, we did call the police, who said they would check it out.