And you wonder why…

Dear Applicant,

You do know that we will check your Facebook page as part of the application process, right? Though we are very happy to see a distinct lack of drunken party pictures, there was one thing that really disturbed us. You see, we saw that even though your job is not in social media, you were routinely on Facebook during the day – while at work, even. We saw your snarky complaints about your employer at that time and the bragging about being able to surf the web without being caught. And we saw your complaints after the company let you go. We also saw that this happened at least twice in a relatively short period of time.

It leaves us to wonder if perhaps these habits didn’t play a significant role in your dismissal from these companies. It also leaves us to wonder if you will repeat your pattern of amazing dedication, loyalty and pride in employment here.

And that, we are sorry to say, is precisely why we will not call you back for an interview.


The Management