Remember the card catalog?

My mother in law has this gigantic old card catalog. You know the kind – those big wooden things full of really long drawers, each just big enough to hold a long row of 3×5 cards which cataloged all the books in the library, then told you where to find them using the Dewey Decimal System.

Yeah, those things. If you’re too young to remember those days, Google them. Anyway, thanks to computers, they are now completely obsolete. And my mother in law has one. And it’s huge. Seriously. Huge.

And I’ve always wondered, what in the world do you do with such a gigantic thing? And then I saw this and I laughed. (NOTE: this is not my MIL’s card catalog. Her’s is much, much, much bigger – it has like 70 drawers or something insane like that. I found this image while doing research for another piece I’m writing and it made me think of her.)