Holiday decorating in the city

It’s that time of year again! Last year, we wound up purchasing more lights, more ornaments, more… well… everything. Why? Because we had gone from being in a small place, where a 6′ tree felt big to the new place where a 6′ tree would have gotten lost. And so… last year’s tree was a little bigger…

Yeah, it was a monster tree. Seriously. So, now I have enough tree decorations to choke an entire herd of reindeer.

Which means it’s time to turn my attention to the outside of my home… which makes my brain hurt.

You see, we live in an apartment building. On the third floor. With no way to reach the outside from the outside (standard ladders won’t reach). So anything we do has to be doable by opening the windows (in Baltimore? In the winter? Brr!) and hanging out over the sidewalk.

Hmmm… maybe I’ll skip the outdoor decor…

But seriously. How in the hell do you decorate third-floor windows that you can only reach from inside? (and no, I am not doing the college-era Christmas lights strung in tree or snowflake patterns, dammit!)