Circus Animals… the cookies of youth

Remember these things? Yeah, those uber-sweet Circus Animal cookies from your childhood. I’m not big on a lot of “packaged” foods, but I have to admit these suckers trip the nostalgia trigger for me… big time!

On a recent ice cream run, we thought we had hit the mother load. We saw a bag that looked familiar, it had frosted animal crackers and… wait. Closer inspection proved it wasn’t the right stuff. These cookies were just animal crackers with a layer of thin frosting on one side. And no sprinkles.

And so, of course, I did what any tech-savvy person would do. I turned to Google. And that’s when I discovered… Gasp! The horror! The shock!

The little suckers aren’t sold in this state. What. The. Hell.


No, I mean, really? No joke?

Apparently not. More searching ensued, including going through every link I could find for purchasing them online. The bottom line? Amazon. And by the time shipping is done, they run about $8.30 per 14-ounce bag (but it comes in a box of four bags).


So, if I want to indulge my childhood nostalgia, I can pony up $25.99 plus $7.25 shipping for four 14-ounce bags of these things. These things were the “cheap” cookies when I was growing up.

Alright, fine. But no, I am not sharing! Get your own!