More on the Dear Ulta Letter

Baltimore, Maryland Skyline from the Inner Harbor
It’s Baltimore, not the outer reaches of space!

On December 5, I posted a “Dear Ulta” letter that poked a bit of humorous fun at the oh-so-ridiculous situation shipping policy at Ulta.

You’d think that would be the end of it, right? Oh no, that would be too easy.

Let’s compare, shall we?

  • SockDreams – origin: Portland, Oregon; cost: free; time: three days transit time
  • Lush – origin: Vancouver, Canada (hello!); cost: $6; time: 10 days transit time
  • Christmas wrapping supplies – origin: Anaheim, California; cost: $6; time: five days transit time
  • Sephora – origin: Baltimore, Maryland (yeah, they’re close); cost: free; time: overnight (no joke)
  • Ulta: origin: Hodgkins, Illinois; cost: $5.95; time: 11 days transit time so far

The shipping I paid Ulta for – UPS Ground for $5.95 (note, Sephora offers me free three-day shipping on orders of this size) – was transferred to the USPS on Friday, the original “estimated delivery date.” Location of transfer? Baltimore, Maryland. And of course, since it’s USPS, I can’t track it now.

Am I a bit peeved at Ulta? You betcha. And we all know that when I’m peeved about a company’s stupid policies, I make sure the whole world knows.