Delicate… and children…

I looked at today’s Weekly Photo Challenge and I was stumped. I could think of so many different things, so many possibilities. So I decided to think on this one for a while.

And then came the news from Connecticut. It came in short, terrifying pieces. A school shooting. Children dead. And the parent in me grieved.


In my book right now, “delicate” has lots of meanings. As a parent, I feel fragile, unable to protect my children from stupid, senseless shit.

Most of us tend to think of “delicate” things as fine things – our “good” china or glassware. Things to be cherished and protected.

My youngest is 16, my oldest is 18. They’re far from elementary age. But believe me, I remember… I remember like it was yesterday.

My kids are not “delicate” – they’re strong-minded, strong-willed people who aren’t afraid to face world. But right now, I want to pretend they’re still toddlers, grab them both and spend the day curled up under a blanket watching kid’s movies and pretending the crazy world does not exist.