Mind the Gap – eReader or Real Book?

eReader vs book…


That was the topic for the DPChallenge… And I sat looking at it for a moment, stymied. I debated skipping the challenge. I haven’t been blogging much lately anyway, I reasoned at my screen. I’m behind on my photo project, I explained to no one in particular. But there it sat, little glowing words taunting me, and I gave in.

So which would I choose? I’ll get to that.

I dearly love the experience of a used book store. There’s something about the smell of the books, the feel of them in my hands. I love telling a story about a little bookstore I discovered one day while waiting for friends to join me for tea. I wandered into what looked like a small collectibles shop and found it also housed an amazing bookstore.

Books were arranged roughly in categories, overflowing their racks and bins in the most appealing, and somewhat haphazard way. Behind the counter, an old woman sat huddled next to a heater, her cardigan pulled tight across an ample chest. Next to her, perched on a tall stool, was a thin, old man, working at a crossword puzzle. As I browsed the books, the little old man came off his stool and asked if he could help me find something. When I told him what I wanted, he wandered off with a vague look in his eye, waving a finger in the air and muttering. I shrugged and returned to my search only to be greeted by him at the end of the aisle, a pile of books in his hands. Savvy salesman, that.

At the counter, I expressed how pleasant the heater must be, since the day had taken an unexpectedly chilly turn. The woman looked over her glasses at me and, with the perfect New York Jewish Grandmother voice said, “So, what are you doing without a little sweater?”

At that point, I could barely contain my laughter. The two were like characters from a book – they were so perfect, so stereotypical, and so charming. Though that bookshop was well out of my way, I became a frequent visitor (and you can bet from then on, I always had a little sweater!) I introduced several friends to the place as well, and it was a sad day for me when I went back after a long absence to find the shop closed.

I love a good book. I love the feel of the pages, the smell of the paper. I love the crackle of opening a brand new book and the smooth, well-worn feel of a used one.

All of that said, I do own a Kindle, and I love the fact that I can store multiple books on it. I love that my reading is easy to carry with me and I don’t have to pick and choose which books to take on a trip – I can take them all! And I’ve gone back to reading more since getting the Kindle.

So, which is it? eReader or book?

Well, my answer is simple… both.