Sarcasm alert: Wow FedEx! Way to go on customer service!

So… FedEx is apparently no longer in the “delivery” business…

We live in a controlled-access building. OK, true, we’re in the middle of the city, but the fact of the matter is, getting into our building requires a key, an access code, or that you be “buzzed” in by someone who lives here. Inside is a communal “mail room” that houses the mailboxes, a recycling bin for junk mail, shelves for outgoing packages and is usually where UPS and FedEx will leave packages. Believe it or not, we’ve never had a theft… it’s a small building and most of the tenants are not inclined to go stealing their neighbor’s shit.

Aside from the occasional delivery SNAFU – the driver couldn’t reach us and didn’t know the code, or the typical WTF is taking so long – we’ve never had a major issue. We both work. That means we’re not home during the day. Got a delivery? Not a problem. The door buzzer rings our cell phones and we can happily buzz in the delivery driver who will leave the package in the mail room.

This has never been an issue… until today.

FedEx apparently has a new policy that states they will no longer leave packages in any “common areas” of apartment buildings. The reasons for this? Theft, of course.

Which means I can either stay home from work, find a friend willing to spend the anticipated delivery day at my place, or I can go to the “convenient” FedEx location to pick up my packages. Wait, I thought I was paying for home delivery. But, FedEx counters, I can simply pick up my package at the convenient location.

How’s this for convenience:

  • I have to rush out of work to ensure I have time to get there before they close.
  • I can either park at my usual garage and walk over (1/4 of a mile) or I can pay to park in the building next to the FedEx location, or I can cross my fingers hoping to find street parking at rush hour in the city, right next to a dry cleaner, grocery store and other popular on-the-way home stops.
  • I have to rush into the building, wait in whatever line there may (or may not) be and provide ID to pick up the package. Unless of course I went home first for the door tag they left – but who has time for that?
  • Without the door tag, or a signature release, I can’t pick up my husband’s packages, and he can’t pick up mine.
  • I then have to either carry my package 1/4 mile back home, or get out of the garage or parking space, back into city traffic and over to my regular garage, where I have to cart my packages the length of a football field from my parking space to my building’s front door, then up the front steps.

Yeah, that’s “convenient” as hell!

What’s more, how is leaving a package in our controlled-access mailroom in a building with only 6 units any less “safe” than dumping it on an unattended, open-to-all porch in the suburbs. What? Suburbanite neighbors (and their children, and the visiting children, and the lawn care providers, and the pool service providers, and the parade of other folks) are less likely to steal? I’ve lived in the ‘burbs, believe me, I had more problems with lost or damaged packages there. I had one driver who left a package marked “fragile” out on my front steps during a major storm. Yes, I had to have the contents replaced.

Personally, I will be looking into every other delivery option available. If I’m forced to choose between paying a little bit more for delivery, or having to go out of my way, on my own time, to an office to pick up my packages, it’s a very simple equation. I’ll pay more to have items delivered to me. That’s what delivery is supposed to be, and apparently, FedEx is no longer in the delivery business.