Girl power… in life

English: A map of the world showing countries ...
A map of the world showing countries by level of women’s physical security, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m baffled by the (relatively) recent onslaught of the feminist movement that seems to think women are perpetual victims needing to be protected from the big-bad-evil man.

Today in my news feed was an article that made me laugh and shake my head all at once – it’s all about a snow penis, or more specifically, one woman’s reaction to it. While I agree that the premise of being offended by a bunch of college-age guys being sexually juvenile (shocker!) is ridiculous, I also think it’s silly to dig up something from 2003 to make the point. Hello, are there not more recent stupidities to ridicule?

Meanwhile, in India, the country is still in outrage over the horrifically brutal rape and murder of a college student on a bus.

Folks, shit like that is where the real problem is.

Please don’t try to give me the cock-and-bull bit about America promoting a “rape culture” that would allow such a thing. Don’t try to tell me that college guys building a dick out of snow causes a cultural and gender divide that objectifies women, making them targets for brutal sexual attack.

Sorry, I don’t buy it.

Rape isn’t about sex. Rape is about violence.

Today, instead of looking for realistic ways to address the problems of violence against women, instead of lobbying for tougher punishments for convicted rapists, what we hear are cries that women need to be protected. We hear that women are victims, that they aren’t strong enough to stand up for themselves, so society needs to do it for them.

Bull fucking shit, sister. If you want to buy into that victim mentality, you be my guest, just don’t drag my ass into it.

I’ve been molested. I’ve been raped. I was a victim; I am a survivor. To continue to be a victim, or to allow those experiences to impact my life is to continue to allow those men to have power over me. Not happening. I refuse.

Kudos, by the way, to men like Patrick Stewart and Antonio Banderas who are speaking out about the problem without adding to the victim mentality that seems to be sweeping the nation.

If you really want to understand what a “rape culture” looks like, try having a conversation with women from Afghanistan, India, or various countries in Africa and the Middle East. When you start thinking that America is unsafe for women, start talking to women who can’t even get fresh water without fear of being raped. Start talking to the women who live in places where the ratio isn’t 1 out of 4, but 4 out of 4.

Rape, sexual assault and violence against women are real problems in the world. Now that we’ve acknowledged that fact, can we dispense with the victim mentality that actually does more harm than good, and is, in fact a sort of rape of its own? Can we actually fight this fight head on, toe-to-toe, instead of lurking in the shadows, claiming injury and then stabbing people in the back?