And so it came to pass…

Cast Iron!
Happy sixth anniversary – I’ll take the cast iron, thanks… (Photo credit: mhaithaca)

I began this strange odyssey six years ago… yep, today is officially my WordPress anniversary. So let’s see… if we’re following the traditional routine that would mean… ummm… candy (cool!) and iron (umm… can it be in the form of cast iron skillets?) The modern interpretation is wood… and I’ve got nothing smart assy about that. Sorry.

Throughout, it’s been a roller coaster ride as I’ve blogged for fun and for profit and back to fun again. I’ve blogged a lot, blogged only a little, taken more than one hiatus, and had more than a few twists and turns along the way. And that’s to be expected. This was started as, and always was, a simple, personal blog – it has followed my life’s course over the past years. And like my life, has sometimes been better than others.

Some of my posts I can look back on proudly and say they still stand today. Others, well… not so much. Some were victims of my early lacka-WordPress-juju and though they’re well written, they’re still painful to look at. Could I fix it? Maybe, but why? This is the journey. It’s all part of the process.

My little blog has had its ups and downs, periods of tons of readers and periods where there were few (if any). There were growing pains along the way but things have settled down lately… much like the blog’s owner.

Oh, not that I’ve settled down… Just that I’ve accepted who and where I am and I’ve quit trying to force things into one of the “oughta be” molds.

And I think that’s a pretty fine place to be.