Hey Facebook! What’s up with this weird stuff?

Facebook at Mozcon - Alex
Facebook at Mozcon – Alex (Photo credit: Thos003)

So hey facebook, thanks for the cool new update to my profile and timeline (I think). I usually keep my music tastes, movie choices and stuff like that empty for a reason. Now you’ve dumped them onto my profile in this sort of unavoidable way. Oh wait, yeah, I can avoid it – by “removing” that section, thereby creating this super short, and super empty, left side of my profile. Wow, I’ve heard of creating “empty space” before, but this is ridiculous.

Well hell, maybe it’s time to actually fill these stupid things out then. Let’s see… favorite music… and look, FB was so helpful and put in suggestions for me in music… What? Carrie Underwood? I really dislike country, so why in the world is there a slew of country artists popping up? And who the hell is Parla con Messico Eros?

OK, maybe the movies section fares better? Titanic, Pretty Woman, The Notebook, Ghost, Dirty Dancing and 50 First Dates? Ummm… Wow, nothing like a chick-flick fest to fuel your FB feed! And the suggested TV shows? The Bible? Really? Seriously? Where are they getting these suggestions? The books section ranged from The Bible to 50 Shades of Grey – I’m not quite sure what that says, but I do know one thing for damned sure, they’re not getting their suggestions from anything I’ve actually done, seen, read or listened to.

I’m assuming the little FB code-generating gnomes are gleaning their gunk from my friends’ likes, music, movie, tv and book choices. That would make some sense, I do have friends that cover a rather wide range of people. If that’s the case, apparently none of my more progressive friends have filled out their favorites sections.

There is this really nasty part of me that wants to run screaming to FB, complaining how the suggested materials were offensive to me and made me feel ashamed of my actual tastes. What’s more they made me feel that facebook is promoting a right-wing, conservative Christian agenda.

But that would be incredibly silly. And I just can’t bring myself to be that incredibly silly. Instead, I’ll do the grown up thing. I’ll turn the darn feature off and deal with the empty side of my profile. Maybe one day I’ll get sick of it and actually fill in some info of my own… Then again, if I do that, and my theory of where these suggestions come from is correct, some of my friends might be smacking me upside the head for what populates their suggestions!