Shaking my head in wonder…

Butt Jeans phat ass
Yep, that’s my ass…

This picture, and the post that went with it, are five and a half years old. That’s freaking ancient in web terms. And yet… that pic is still making the rounds of the internet. Sometimes in a less than flattering light.

I’m capable of laughing at myself, so I have on occasion given permission for the image to be used. For the most part, however, I’ve found it being waved around without so much as a link. Which pisses me off and is likely to result in me sending a not-so-nice take down notice.

For the record – yes, it’s my picture, and yes, it’s my ass. And while I have an awesome sense of humor and a completely realistic body image (some would say I’m even a bit hard on myself) I’m less than thrilled to see my ass being used to illustrate the “fat” side of the “fat vs. thick” argument (especially when it’s accompanied by a racist attitude).

I’m marginally less ticked at the (hopefully) teenage forum pundits who argue the difference between “phat” and “fat” – thanks guys, talk to me when you move out of momma’s basement, huh?

Let’s not even go into my opinion of the “women” who have purloined my behind as their own and are basking in the never-ending onslaught of “I’d tap that” and “baby you’ve got one fine phat ass!”

It took me a moment to find my sense of humor when my butt was used to illustrate a “wide load jeans” e-card at (to their credit – they were incredibly cool about it, very easy to contact and fixed the problem in no time flat. The new card – minus my ass, can be found here). Seriously, those guys rocked!

Somewhere along the line I started laughing, but by then, I was elbow deep in sites that had lifted my image without permission (and without even a link to the source).

Le sigh. Le mega sigh.

I get it. In this day and age, tracking down the original image and getting permission is difficult. But there is no excuse for not trying. There’s this cool little tool called Google, and it has a very powerful image search. It makes life easy, and often, it’s a matter of a few clicks to find the earliest use of an image.

And I get the fact that when you’re working fast, you don’t always have time… Sorry, that one doesn’t wash. It’s intellectual property, covered by copyright laws and people (including me) make their living on this stuff. Really.

The moral of the story here, well, morals really…

Next time you’re searching for images to use, give a little thought to where they came from and actually go about using them in the proper way. Seriously. And if you just can’t find the info (hey, it happens), at least make it easy to contact you. It’s incredibly frustrating to be forced to submit a public comment to deal with it, or worse, have no contact option at all.

And… no matter what side of the fence you’re on, whether you like your booty big and round and bouncy, or prefer your tush be tiny and tight as a drum, have a little fucking respect. No one wants to have their body picked apart, least of all by strangers. And I swear, the next time I see some internet jockey with greasy hair and bad skin saying unpleasant things about my ass, I’m going to go off on them about their apparent lack of hygiene.

Rant off…