Who needs a yard?

City LifeI love city life… sure it has some disadvantages. Population density, the mix of commercial and residential, living in a building that’s over 150 years old… all of those things add up to some interesting challenges. But those are far outweighed by the cool stuff.

Like the fact that we’ve got art galleries, theatres, concert halls, and oodles of really good restaurants all within walking distance. Or all the cool and funky little shops that can only exist in an urban environment.

But the part I like best? We live in a big apartment with no outdoor space, unless you count the fire escape, which my friends who smoke do. What’s so cool about that? Well, see, we also live near a park. Not the kind with a playground and swings and such. No, this is the kind of park with beautiful trees and flower beds and fountains. And grass, and benches, and tables, and free concerts all summer, and festivals, and…

Baltimore - Mt Vernon: Four Garden Squares and...
Baltimore – Mt Vernon: Four Garden Squares and Washington Monument (Photo credit: wallyg)

It’s like having my own big yard, but not having to do any of the work on it. That’s the best part!