Opa RK Style… welcome to my world!

ready for Pride!

Every now and then, I do some work as a freelance writer. It’s a rare thing in part because I’m really not actively pursuing freelance gigs and in part because I’m darn picky about what kind of work I’ll accept. There was a time when I was essentially making a living as a freelancer. At that point, I carefully controlled what people could see of me and kept my personal blog, well… personal. Then several things happened that made me a little more public, and Google got better at putting two-and-two together and making connections in the oddest of ways.

At that point, rather than wait for someone to make the connection to my personal blog and turn it into a negative, I went ahead and embraced it. Yep. That’s me. Hi! How the heck are ya?

There are positives and negatives to that choice, of course. And there are those things that could be either, depending.

  • Hi, yeah, I love to cook. Can ya tell? Oh, and don’t let the crappy cellphone pics fool you, I really do take decent pictures. This is just my personal blog, I’d rather pay attention to my dinner guests than worry about the perfect shot.

  • I can have a bit of a foul mouth at times. But, ummm… I do know the meaning of words like appropriate, decorum, control and discretion. Which means, I know when I can cuss, and when I can’t. This is my personal blog, I can cuss.

  • Why yes, as a matter of fact, I am opinionated. And yes, I do realize that my opinions may differ from… well, yeah, personal blog, personal opinion.

You get the picture, I’m sure.

Sure, I could create a perfectly “safe” environment, devoid of bad photos, foul language and strong opinions, but then it wouldn’t be my personal blog.

Sure, that means that potential contracts are seeing the “real” me, and I might lose a few jobs because of it. I’m OK with that.

It’s my personal space, I don’t write in AP or Chicago Style – I write in RK Style.

I’m not currently the “face” of any corporation, so I don’t have to worry about public perception. If that ever changes, I can and will fix things if need be. But I don’t exactly have aspirations of going into politics.

So, if you landed here looking at me as a freelance writer, hiya! This is my wild, wacky and completely unedited self. Obviously, I run the gamut. Go ahead, poke around. You’ll either run screaming in the opposite direction, or you’ll get a few good laughs, maybe a tear or two and then suddenly realize you’ve been reading for over an hour.

Hi, this is what I do, and who I am. Welcome to my world.