Pictures or it didn’t happen?

Last night, I did an amazing dinner (if I do say so myself), but completely forgot to take a picture of the food.

I was too engaged with the people at our table to think about reaching for a camera to capture the pile of fresh-off-the-grill skewers.

Now more than ever, our lives are lived visually and expressively. If we’re not snapping a photo, preserving the moment for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. then we’re not living!

As much as I love my pretty pictures, I have to say this… I’d rather live in the moment, enjoying the company, conversations and smiles of those around me, than have those things lost to the filter of a lens, living only through the visual memory of the moment that was.

What was dinner last night?

Shrimp, mango and bell pepper, dusted with chili powder and grilled. Simple. Delicious. And perfect for summer.