Captioning… sometimes it’s cool?

Over the weekend, we had a double-feature movie night. First up was Oblivion – in a room full of people, with our notoriously loud AC cranking, I half heard the beginning of the opening monologue and resigned myself to not getting most of the movie. Then something wonderful happened…

That incredible man I’m married to turned on the captions (without me asking for them). Yay! Joy! Rapture! I can follow the movie!

Then I got frustrated because the movie’s captions absolutely sucked. I mean seriously.

There were plenty of non-verbal cues – [loud sigh] and [indistinct music] and things of that nature. But there were also entire lines of actual dialog that just did not exist. As in, the character is speaking, you can hear them speaking, but the caption includes only the first part of the line.

What the hell?

Which meant I still missed some important parts of the dialog. Grrrr.

For the record, it was a fun movie, visually stunning, but there were spots where the plot was stretched so thin you could read through it.

Second movie of the night? A “bad movie night” selection called John Dies at the End – which was silly, stupid, cheesy, and surprisingly enjoyable (with notably better captioning than Oblivion, by the way).

I’m slowly coming to grips with the whole hearing loss thing. I still have not been fitted for hearing aids – in part because I’m not prepared to drop a substantial chunk of change on something that every audiologist I’ve spoken to has said is difficult to adjust to meet my needs and won’t give me what I “expect”. And in part because I’m still struggling with identifying as someone with hearing loss – I’m not deaf, I’m not old, I’m not a lot of those stereotypical things.

I’m slowly learning to take advantage of adaptive technology, it’s a journey of two steps forward, one step back. And right now, I’m OK with that.

Now will someone please go fix the damn captions on that movie? Oh… wait… skip it for that movie, I don’t think I missed anything.