Last minute turkey day…

It doesn't look like that much... until you realize the green beans are heaped in a 9x13 casserole and the stuffing is in a gigantic wooden dough bowl.
Turkey Day last year was a much larger affair…

Situation normal… WTF?

We made Thanksgiving plans months ago. We’d be traveling, visiting family. Which meant, no worries about making sure the guest beds are ready. No worries about massive grocery shopping excursions. I could just pack up the pie fixin’s and bake ’em up when we got there.

Yeah, well… plans change.

After a week of confusion over work schedules, travel plans and more boiled down to two choices: drive 340 miles round trip, on Thanksgiving Day, through Washington, DC (the one-way trip should take right around 3 hours, it’s usually closer to 4, sometimes as much as 6). Or, host Turkey Day at our place and let the folks who have more flexible schedules do the traveling.

Guess which we chose?

Guess who went grocery shopping at the last minute?

Guess who’s really glad she can throw together a full Thanksgiving dinner without batting an eye or breaking a sweat?

Yeah. This girl.

The guest beds, towels and stuff? That’s another story, but they’ll be ready.

Ah, the holidays. They have begun!