Confessions of a coffee snob…

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a coffee cup for travel. It’s virtually spill proof and keeps two cups of my home brew hot and ready to go. It’s kinda cool and it’s red. I like red.

Yeah, see, that’s it right there. That shiny red cup full of caffeinated goodness is at this moment filled to the brim with piping hot, delicious medium-roast coffee that was freshly ground and brewed this morning by my loving hubby.

Unfortunately, it’s also at home. Sitting on the dining room table right where I left it.

Which means I’m stuck with work coffee. Let me make something clear. When in need of caffeine, I’ll deal with just about whatever high-octane brew gets put in front of me. But savor and enjoy it? That’s another story.

IMG_3181[1]Yes, I’m a coffee snob, but I’m also a caffeine addict. So while that red plastic tub o’ grounds may not be my first choice, it’s better than nuttin’.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?