Gwynnie Bee – one month in…

See the black and white one? Yeah, my fave dress of the month!

One month into the Gwynnie Bee experiment and I’m hooked. My first dress was a major hit, and on it went through eight items with only two that I wasn’t 100% thrilled with and one slight problem – but Gwynnie Bee showed amazing customer service, more on that later.

GB’s turnaround time is amazing. I notified them I was sending an item back and within 5 days I had my next item. Wow!

So, out of eight items, only one problem? Not bad.

This jacket? Wicked cute on!

The dress fit beautifully, but somewhere along the line, the white in the black and white pattern turned dingy gray. And there were a few small stains. While I was sad about that, I realize these things happen. Should GB have caught that condition before sending it on? Yes, but oh well. They comped me a bonus item as a way of saying “we’re sorry”. Humans are checking the clothing, and humans make errors in judgement. I know plenty of people who would have considered that dress perfectly OK to wear anywhere. I’m picky.

The two items I wasn’t 100% thrilled with had nothing to do with GB and everything to do with personal taste. Both dresses were just a little dowdy for me. Instead of looking like a hot mamma, I looked like the lady teaching Sunday School. A good look for some, just not my style. But I tend to think that’s one thing GB is good for – trying out new or different looks. OK, lesson learned.

I liked the service enough that at the end of my free trial month, I subscribed. I also bumped the number of items from two to five items to give me more flexibility.

My eight items…

Want to try it out? You get a month free trial. If you don’t like it, just cancel and send everything back. If you do like it, sign up for an account. Use this link and I get a bonus if you sign up for a regular account!