Dear Macy’s…

IMG_3484[1]Soooo, back around Thanksgiving, we decided to add some new ornaments to our holiday decor. I dutifully picked out a cool selection that fit our style and colors, then proceeded to order online. Why online? Partly I was too darned busy to get to the stores and partly the ones that I really wanted were only available online.

I bought several from Macy’s. Now, in my book, Macy’s is a mid-range department store, neither high end, nor discount. They’re better than Kohl’s, but they’re not Neiman Marcus, or even Nordstrom. They’re usually solid, reliable and known for reasonable customer service.

Because I wanted my tree up soon, I paid for expedited shipping. Apparently, Macy’s and I have different ideas of what “expedited” means, but the bulk of my order arrived only one day later than I expected. Not great, but I can live with that.

There was one ornament missing, however. The shipping list said it was on its way. A few days later, a package arrived. It contained a shirt. A size small, navy with sparkly things, long-sleeve t-shirt that is not something I or anyone I know would wear.

I sent Macy’s a note asking about my ornament, and asking to be refunded at least part of the shipping since I had not received it in a timely manner, and then received the wrong item.

According to Macy’s, I should return the wrong item, in my own packaging, since theirs was damaged during shipment. Using the return label that’s for a different item, by the way.

They assured me my ornament would be on the way soon. Then I got an email stating it was on back order. Then I got another email stating they were out of stock. Then I got an email stating they were refunding me the expedited shipping costs and half (wait – HALF?) the price of the ornament. Apparently, after I bought it, they went on sale, and I was refunded the sale price, not the purchase price.

I decided a few dollars wasn’t worth my time to quibble.

Holiday busy times ensue, and I completely forget about Macy’s.

Then a battered package arrives. What’s inside? If you guessed it was the ornament, you’d be right.

The day after the holiday.