the shorts story… cute resort wear exists?

Woman in capri pants and high hells
These are capri pants – women have been wearing them for years… (Photo credit: George Eastman House)

I’ve been happily not buying clothes since I discovered Gwynnie Bee…Since I’m trying to lose a little weight, they’ve been my go-to for work clothes that fit. Which is awesome, and great, and everything fantabulous, and I am still madly in love with their entire service. But it has its limits…

This week in Clothing Adventures, it’s the shorts story…

We’re getting ready for a week long trip to Florida. The agenda includes theme parks. As in, the kind with rides. I’m a roller coaster junkie. My usual collection of dresses and skirts are not ideal for going on these rides.

It’s the dead of winter here… my warm-weather clothes closet includes… ONE pair of denim capri pants I’d be willing to wear in public. Zero on shorts that fit the bill. Harumph.

My closet, and GB, have something in common – a lot of dresses and skirts. Harumph.

Time to shop. Kudos to the amazing man I married for happily trekking along with me through a shopping trip that took far too damn long!

The goal? Resort-wear appropriate capris and shorts that didn’t make me look like someone’s grandmother. Since bathing suits are already in stores, I figured I’d have no trouble finding these things. Capris have become a women’s wardrobe staple. They’re not my usual favorite, but they have their place.

Easy, right?


Do you have any idea how strange it is to be in a store filled with bathing suits that are nestled right up against sweaters?

Apparently what’s “in” right now are “cropped” pants. These things stop just barely above your ankle. Ummm… sorry, I can’t get past thinking of those as “high waters”. Unless you’re Audrey Hepburn-esque in your figure, they’re not flattering.

The few capris I found all looked like grandmother wear. The shorts came in two varieties: Bermuda (too long for my short, curvy bod), and Daisy Dukes.

After multiple failures, I was saved by the most unlikely of items… a crisp, cotton twill skort. Yes, I said skort. It looks like a cute twill skirt, but has knit shorts underneath. Hey, this works. And it’s cuter than shorts, or capri pants!

And so my wardrobe dilemma was solved! Yay!

Tune in next time for the adventures of shopping for comfortable, and cute, walking shoes.

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