When I plan a birthday…

really plan a birthday!

Just a few of the many, many options on the birthday weekend blog…

For the hubby’s b-day, I decided to do something spectacular… after much debate, and option searching, I decided on a weekend in Vegas, including an amazing hotel suite and prime tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity.

Oh, and it was to be a surprise.

zumanity waterbowl
zumanity waterbowl (Photo credit: *lapin)

I carefully organized travel, hotel and show tickets, then created a curated list of other activities, food options and more. I didn’t want to plan every moment of every day, but I did want to have a limited list of things to choose from.

Then I went about delivering hints about the plans… I told him the dates, that it would involve air travel, and that he didn’t need his passport.

Later, he got mocked up tickets that told him WHEN the big show was, but not what or where. Mixed in with real info – like the actual seat numbers – was a bunch of fun, and very fake, info. Yeah, I had a good time.

To give him a hint of where we were going, I had custom chocolate casino chips made. Of course… he figured out we were headed to Vegas, but he still had no clue where we were staying or what we were doing.

I created a blog for the weekend and populated it with images of the possible activities and clickable links to the info pages – sort of an online itinerary for the weekend. Before I made the blog live, I sent him a screen shot with the show and hotel carefully covered… more of a tease, of course…

I had fun watching him go through all the Vegas shows, trying to match the promotional photos to the tiny scrap of picture I’d left visible.

Vegas1Then the big reveal, the blog went live and he got to see everything. I wanted him to have time in advance to think about what activities he might want to do. I even created a custom Google map…

And so, Friday, we’re off to Vegas, baby!

There will be pictures!

OK, so maybe I’m just a little obsessive…


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