I spend a lot of time reading home decor blogs and sites. What can I say? It’s part of my job. Sometimes I come across stuff I like – and sometimes I’ll even come across ideas I’ll incorporate at home. There’s plenty of stuff I think is cool, but not for me. And plenty of stuff I just don’t care for at all. But it’s rare I find something that just makes me think, “WHY?!” immediately followed by an “oh, hell no!”

The sandbox desk thing… It’s actually a sort of art installation/project, but that didn’t stop several interior decor bloggers from grabbing the image to support posts about “relaxing decor”, or “ways to make your home look like a million bucks”!

Can I just say, I don’t think sand IN my house is a good idea. Ever. It’s sand. It’s gonna get everywhere. Cleaning. Ugh. And I don’t even want to think about a house with cats… just… no.

Another blog featured products meant to create a “soothing, natural oasis” in your design… and then had this image…

Is it just me, or would this give you nightmares?

Holy crap! Oh wait… it’s another art project…

So, the next time you see a too-crazy-to-be-believed idea on a home decor blog, do a little digging. It might not be intended for real home decor… Hey, decor and design bloggers – Google is your friend! Use it!

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